What if My Medication is Recalled?

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If a drug company realizes that their medication is causing harmful effects, it could issue a recall. Make sure to pay attention to these recalls, as it could have serious implications for your health. What Are the Different Types of Drug Recalls? When the quality or safety of a drug has been compromised in accordance […]

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What You Need to Know About the Massive Subaru Recall


Recalls are common, particularly in the automotive industry. What many consumers do not know, however, is how to tell if your vehicle is affected by a recall. This information is not as accessible as you would think. This is the case for a current planned recall involving Subaru. Here’s everything you need to know. Subaru […]

Will Congress Finally Regulate Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder?

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Johnson & Johnson is still facing quite a bit of legal heat over its alleged connection to ovarian cancer. Many lawsuits a mounting pile of evidence suggests a link between ovarian cancer and the use of baby powder—or to be more exact, talcum powder. This was brought to the attention of Congress via the House […]

Are Pressure Cookers Safe?


Are pressure cookers safe? The answer depends on the model. According to recent claims, defects are allowing people to open pressure cookers while the contents inside are both very hot and highly pressurized. In fact, anything pressurized and then popped open—accidentally or intentionally—could cause some serious damage. What Does the Law Say About Dangerous Products? […]

Proving Liability in a Defective Seat Belt Lawsuit

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Many months and possibly years of investigation go into a defective seat belt lawsuit. An accusation against an auto manufacturer isn’t a light matter. This was the case for one lawsuit, which awarded $5,000,000 to a claimant who accused Honda Motor Company of negligence. After a low speed rollover, the man struck his head against […]

Who Is Liable for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?

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Carbon monoxide is known as the silent killer. You often don’t even realize you’re inhaling it, and that’s the biggest part of the danger. The fact is someone must be held accountable for the potential wrongful death or personal injury claim resulting from carbon monoxide poisoning, but a question always remains—who’s at fault? Carbon Monoxide Poisoning […]

Liability Laws for Defective Products: Electric Blankets

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We do love our electric blankets for one good reason—especially as many hunker down for cold winter weather. They keep us warm. The question, is do they keep us safe? And that remains to be seen as more and more lawsuits continue to pile up as a result of the damage allegedly caused by Sunbeam […]

Johnson & Johnson Stock Drops After Called Out (Again) About Asbestos in Baby Powder

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A special report from Reuters came out on Friday, December 14, 2018, about Johnson & Johnson regarding a dangerous product they have been selling for decades—baby powder. The report is about the company’s stubborn denial that there could be asbestos in the talc that they use for this product. This has been a problem they […]

Do I Have a Defective Product Lawsuit?

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When we put our hard-earned money into purchasing or renting a product, we are putting our trust in the integrity of claims made by the businesses and companies that provide them. Most of the time, the exchange is good for both sides and we can go along our merry ways. Unfortunately, no one is perfect, […]

Links Between Talcum Powder and Cancer

Is Talcum Powder Related to Ovarian Cancer?

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Yes, a court showed it believed that it does and awarded 22 women with ovarian cancer $4 billion in punitive damages. Is talcum powder related to ovarian cancer? In July 2018, the court showed it believed that it does and awarded 22 women with ovarian cancer in a multiple plaintiff mass tort lawsuit against Johnson & […]

Baby Powder Causes Cancer? Philadelphia Attorney Explains

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In a record $4.69 billion verdict, a Missouri jury ruled that the harmful materials found in Johnson & Johnson products caused the ovarian cancer of 22 women who used the products for several years. Johnson & Johnson denies responsibility, but internal documents recovered during the case suggests the company knew exactly how dangerous these products […]