Probate litigation articles include information about how to challenge a will, how to take a spousal share and issues of undue influence.

Probate Litigation

What is Probation Litigation? Ask a Probate Litigation Attorney for Legal Advice Probate litigation refers to any contested issue that arises when deciding how the contents of a will or trust are to be administered after someone passes away. A will is a legal document detailing how someone would like their assets and/or possessions to […]

What is Undue Influence?

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It sounds like fodder for a soap opera, but it happens far too often in real life: a sudden last-minute revision to an estate plan, made by someone possibly of unsound mind, that leaves a huge amount of money to a suspicious party. Undue influence is a form of elder abuse. The undue influencer will […]

What To Do When Someone Dies Without a Will

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When someone dies, emotions can run high when assets and debts of the deceased must be dealt with. A will can help ease this process, but when the deceased is without a will, survivors of the deceased will have to work with a probate court. Here is an overview of the process and important terms […]

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Is Florida Deporting Undocumented Immigrants Who File Workers Comp?

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Generally, all injured workers whose employer has workers’ compensation or is required by the state to have workers’ comp insurance have the right to file a claim after being hurt on the job. All states allow this, as the states know that whether they like it or not, undocumented immigrants are an important part of […]

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Need an Attorney for Tax Law?

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In the United States, tax laws are difficult to comprehend without a professional at your side. A number of lawyers are also CPAs, and other types of attorneys focus on tax litigation. Different regulations dictate when the government can tax citizens for personal income, real estate, business profits, gifts, estates and a variety of other […]

Drunk Boaters Inadvertently Cause Airport Security Scare

A fishing boat entered the off-limits water around New York’s La Guardia Airport and struck one of the runway extensions. Port Authority police could see the stranded boat on surveillance cameras, but could not respond because their own patrol boats had been docked for the night. The NYPD Harbor Unit was sent to investigate, but […]

Can the creation of guardianship by a parent be challenged?

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It is wise for parents to name legal and physical guardians of their minor children to serve in the event of their deaths. But the creation of a guardianship by a parent is not always controlling. Pennsylvania law provides that all custody cases must be decided in the best interests of the child. Anything which […]

Can a will reduce Estate taxes?

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A will alone does not necessarily reduce federal estate tax. However, as such taxes begin at 37% and reach 45% in 2007-2009, and are the highest in the federal tax arsenal, estate planning can often take advantage of tax avoidance techniques that would not be available to one’s family if he or she dies without […]

Are last minute Wills or ‘Death-bed Wills’ valid?

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Although a death-bed will may be just as valid and binding, the closer to the death the will is prepared the more likely it is to be challenged by a disappointed beneficiary thus leading to a Will Contest, possibly on the grounds that the person lacked mental capacity to make a will or was subjected […]

Are conservators paid?

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Generally, a conservatorship allows the conservator to be paid for his or her services. The conservator is also entitled to attorney fees to seek legal advice. In addition, the court will require a conservator to purchase a type of insurance policy known as a “surety bond” to protect the conservatorship estate. The costs and expenses […]