Feeling Sick After an MRI? This Could Be Why

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If you’re feeling sick after receiving an MRI, you’re not alone. Many patients who received MRIs have come forward with the same claims of toxic side effects. It turns out that an element used to make the MRI results easier to read may be dangerous to the human body. If you’re experiencing strange symptoms after […]

UPDATE: Bills Challenge Pennsylvania Statute of Limitations for Victims of Sexual Assault

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What happens to victims who were sexually abused as children, and wish to seek justice as adults years later? A statute of limitations presents a roadbloack for that kind of case, and advocates for justice are encouraging the Pennsylvania Senate to amend these statutes. It was reported recently that deliberation returned back to the Senate […]

What is a Show Cause Order?

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You may have seen the phrase “show cause order” in the news lately… but what does it mean? We asked our criminal defense attorney what was going on with the case. He said: “The Judge in the Roger Stone case has ordered a “Show Cause” hearing on Thursday in response to a questionable photo Stone posted, […]

AAJ 2019 Winter Convention: Ready For Your Closeup?

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The AAJ 2019 Winter Convention is here! We are so excited to meet new attorneys, see old friends, and help get you in front of your next client. We’ll be at Booth 27/28 throughout the convention. In addition to sponsoring the coffee in the exhibit hall, we’ve got an espresso and cappuccino machine in our […]

Uber Driver Admits to Murder. Are Ride Shares Safe?

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Jason Dalton was an Uber driver. He admitted to shooting eight people with a gun while in Kalamazoo, Michigan. This occurred back in February of 2016 with only two of those eight surviving the onslaught. To make it stranger, he claimed that the devil controlled him through the app. He pled guilty, but that certainly […]

10 Top Questions to Ask a Lawyer You’re Meeting for the First Time

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Consultations with a lawyer are an important stage of the process: you’re meeting up with an attorney for the first time on a case that could have a significant impact on you and your loved ones. You’ll want to make sure you’re dealing with a true professional. If not, you move on. That’s the point […]

What Is a Deposition?

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A deposition is an oral statement under oath outside of a courtroom One of the most common ways for a lawyer to gather facts before a trial is a deposition, which involves a witness giving an oral statement under oath outside of the courtroom. The purpose of a deposition is to help the lawyer prepare […]