What to Do if a Civilian Employer Does Not Honor Your Military Obligations

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Over 1.3 million citizens are serving in the United States military, both active duty and reserves across all branches of the military. These men and women undergo extensive training and dedicate their lives and time to the safety of this country. While this seems like a choice that should be honored, many civilian employers and […]

What The Unanimous Supreme Court Verdict Means for You

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The Supreme Court recently issued a rare unanimous ruling. The topic: excessive fines and civil forfeiture. Many suspects of crimes have had their property seized. This includes all types of possessions, including valuable ones like cash, vehicles, and homes. Proponents of the practice, like former attorney general Jeff Sessions, argue that this is a great […]

Legalized Marijuana and The Perils of Driving High

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It seems like marijuana is becoming more and more accepted not only in America but all across the world. It’s still rather controversial, but with empirical studies and evidence to prove beneficial claims, it has come a long way. (Here is one article that explains more about the conflict and evidence.) So far, 30 states […]

Why the Sacha Baron Cohen Lawsuits Keep Failing

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One of the world’s most popular media pranksters is controversial British actor and comedian Sacha Baron Cohen. He is well-known for his hilarious personas of Ali G., Bruno, Borat, and others, which he’s used to interact with various unassuming celebrities and the general public. Many have called his ability to execute these comedic stunts “genius”, […]

How to Prevent and Stop Cruel Cyberbullying

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In January of this year, two 12-year-olds (one boy and one girl) in Florida were arrested due to cyberbullying that was so severe that it pushed a fellow middle-school student into committing suicide. They admitted to spreading false rumors about the girl, calling her names, and threatening to spread her personal information. What is even more […]

Facts About Undocumented Workers’ Rights

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It has been said some American industries would come to a standstill if it wasn’t for undocumented workers. The estimated 11.3 million individuals come from mostly Mexico, but also from other South American countries, and they are are in many critically important jobs throughout the country. With that said, one might wonder if these workers […]

Weak Gay Panic Defense to Justify Violence Is Being Challenged  

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A man in Texas stabbed  and killed a gay musician, a transgender woman was beaten to death in Colorado, a teen in California shot a male classmate for wearing heels and makeup, but murder isn’t the only thing that these instances have in common over the seven-year period, and they are certainly not all of […]

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Devil’s Food Cake: What the Master CakeShop ruling means for the future of religious versus civil rights

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In a hair-splitting breakdown, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of Master CakeShop owner, Jack Phillips, after a six-year legal battle between himself and Charlie Craig and David Mullins, a gay couple. They were refused service in Phillips’ shop after the proprietor expressed that constructing a wedding cake for the couple conflicted with his […]

Are Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Protected Classes in California?

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While gender discrimination is unlawful under federal law, California has even greater protections for its workers. In addition to outlawing sex discrimination, California law makes it clear that sexual orientation discrimination and gender identity discrimination are also illegal in the state. Watch our video to learn more about these types of illegal workplace discrimination practices, […]

Experiencing Sexual Harassment at Work?

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Sexual harassment at work, or other types of abusive workplace behavior, is illegal and more people are standing up against this type of behavior. Everyone, both men and women, are entitled to a work environment that is safe and free from harassment and abuse. If you have been experiencing sexual harassment at work or discrimination, […]

What is Gender Discrimination in Employment Law?

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What is gender discrimination in employment law, also knows as sex discrimination, and what can a person do about it? Although most cases of gender discrimination are about women, the law is gender-neutral, and men can be affected as well. Gender discrimination is when people are treated differently in employment, pay, benefits, promotion or termination […]