Are Lyft and Uber E-Bikes Safe?

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E-bikes are becoming a more popular form of transportation. But are these popular vehicles safe? That, sadly, may be a resounding NO if Lyft and Uber don’t take some active responsibility and implement measures to ensure e-bikes do what they’re supposed to do. If they do not, we may end up looking at more and […]

Are Scooters in San Diego Causing Problems?

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Scooters have been showing up in great numbers in cities throughout America, including San Diego. However, the major scooter companies are beginning to face some legal pushback. A federal lawsuit has been filed against companies such as Lime, Bird and Razor—some of the most popular scooter companies out there—claiming discrimination against people with disabilities. What’s […]

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Right Hook and Left Cross: How to Avoid Common Bicycle Accidents


Even if you’re riding a bicycle, you are expected to follow the standard traffic laws applying to motorists. Likewise, certain expectations exist for drivers as well with regard to bicyclists out on the road. It’s therefore crucial that you know what to look out for, whether you’re behind the wheel or pedaling. What are the […]

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Beginners Guide to Bicycle Safety and Laws

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As fun, healthy, and cost-effective as it can be to ride your bike here and there around town or even cross country, it can also be quite dangerous. Furthermore, there are some legal things you should know. The Safety As an avid cyclist, I am well aware of the dangerous conditions that a bike can […]

How to Prove “Pain and Suffering” in Your Claim

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It is common to hear the term “pain and suffering” in personal injury cases, and many people seek to include it with their compensation for medical costs. Unfortunately, “pain and suffering” has come to be associated with exaggerated claims, and some individuals tend to roll their eyes and minimize actual struggles that warrant the claims. […]

new hampshire bike accident

San Diego Bike Laws: Know the Basics

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If you enjoy riding your bike around San Diego, then you are probably familiar with the fact that, like most places, cycling is treated similarly to driving a motor vehicle. There are simply certain rules that apply when you encounter traffic signals. Also, there are designated bike lanes that have given bicycles a safe place […]