Arbitration and Mediation


Learn More About Alternative Dispute Resolutions (ADR) Judges and juries are not the only means for resolving legal disputes. Though Alternative Dispute Resolutions (ADRs) like arbitration and mediation, you can find a solution to a problem without stepping foot in a courtroom. Through mediation, two parties can come to a mutual agreement with the help […]

4 Tips for Navigating a Contract Dispute

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There’s a scene in The Office where Michael Scott is appalled at his intern, Ryan, for predicting in his class presentation that their paper company would be obsolete within five to ten years. Ryan insists that it wasn’t personal, to which Michael responds: “Business is always personal. It’s the most personal thing in the world.” […]

How Does Mediation Work in New Jersey?

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Are you considering mediation to resolve a legal dispute or divorce and are unsure what to expect? In this video, a New Jersey attorney explains how the mediation process works, so you know how to prepare for your session. Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution (also known as ADR), and it can be […]

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Arbitration and Mediation

Mediation and arbitration are legal alternatives to resolving a dispute in a court of law. Both are forms of alternative dispute resolution, also known as ADR. Mediation allows parties involved in civil disagreements, such as divorces, landlord tenant law, probate disputes, breach of contract, employment or small business ownership disputes, to bring in a mediator to help them come to an amicable agreement.