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Weakened Military Lending Act Could Leave Service Members Unprotected

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The Military Lending Act (MLA) was passed into law in 2006 to protect military servicemen and women from shady lending practices. This is because, unfortunately, greedy fraudulent lenders come from all directions to use abusive tactics to take advantage of this particular population and their families. An Explanation For Why MLA is Necessary Paul Kantwill, […]

How to Prevent and Stop Cruel Cyberbullying

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In January of this year, two 12-year-olds (one boy and one girl) in Florida were arrested due to cyberbullying that was so severe that it pushed a fellow middle-school student into committing suicide. They admitted to spreading false rumors about the girl, calling her names, and threatening to spread her personal information. What is even more […]

Did Alex Jones’ Parental Alienation Cause Him to Lose His Custody Battle?

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In April 2017,  we learned about Alex Jones and his custody battle with his ex-wife, and as of two months ago, it appears there are still issues between the two parents. Times have been hard on the famous fringe entertainment personality. Over the past few months, he has been blasted with several lawsuits that have […]

ICE I-9 Audits are Increasing. Here’s How to Protect Your Business

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Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), a federal agency that enforces immigration laws, has reported earlier this year that it will be cracking down on I-9 audits and that it will follow through with necessary measures to remove unauthorized workers. At a December press conference in D.C., Tom Homan, deputy director of ICE, ordered a “400% […]

Facts About Undocumented Workers’ Rights

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It has been said some American industries would come to a standstill if it wasn’t for undocumented workers. The estimated 11.3 million individuals come from mostly Mexico, but also from other South American countries, and they are are in many critically important jobs throughout the country. With that said, one might wonder if these workers […]

Cruises Are Potential Hot Spots for Sexual Assault

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Cruises often boast that they will provide an amazing and unforgettable experience for all, and many of them offer passengers a chance to explore the world in one of the most convenient ways thanks to gourmet food, gambling, shopping, entertainment, and even a spa. Unfortunately, sexual assault claims from adults and minors have revealed that […]

Baby Powder Causes Cancer? Philadelphia Attorney Explains

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In a record $4.69 billion verdict, a Missouri jury ruled that the harmful materials found in Johnson & Johnson products caused the ovarian cancer of 22 women who used the products for several years. Johnson & Johnson denies responsibility, but internal documents recovered during the case suggests the company knew exactly how dangerous these products […]

Whistleblower Poultry Workers Reveal Serious Industry Negligence

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If you like chicken or turkey, be sure to thank the workers that are suffering injuries and illness while processing it. For years, workers have tried to take a stand against their unscrupulous employers, but the Government Accountability Office has revealed that the Food and Drug Administration and United States Dietary Association (USDA) don’t even […]

Weak Gay Panic Defense to Justify Violence Is Being Challenged  

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A man in Texas stabbed  and killed a gay musician, a transgender woman was beaten to death in Colorado, a teen in California shot a male classmate for wearing heels and makeup, but murder isn’t the only thing that these instances have in common over the seven-year period, and they are certainly not all of […]

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San Diego Bike Laws: Know the Basics

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If you enjoy riding your bike around San Diego, then you are probably familiar with the fact that, like most places, cycling is treated similarly to driving a motor vehicle. There are simply certain rules that apply when you encounter traffic signals. Also, there are designated bike lanes that have given bicycles a safe place […]

The July Effect: “You’re My First Patient Ever!”

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July can be a rather precarious time for patients. Perhaps you have heard this time of year referred to as the “July Effect” in America or even “The Killing Season” in the UK. These rather startling names have come into existence due to the fresh crop of new medical students that begin residency training each […]

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Shocking Effects of a Birth Injury, How to Tell, and What to Do

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A birth injury is a very real problem, and sometimes the effects of the injuries don’t show up for years. What is even more tragic is that negligence and poor judgment is the cause for preventable injuries of 6 to 8 out of 1,000 babies every year, according to Birth Injury Guide. When this happens, […]

Essential Info You Need to Know About Uninsured Motorists

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In recent months, Austin KXAN News reported about a young woman who was hit by an uninsured motorist. She had her seatbelt on, but she was still thrown from the passenger seat of the car after a head-on collision. Thankfully, she is recovering well today, but now her family is saddled with $60,000 to $70,000 […]

Medical Negligence: Patient Denied Test Learns He Has AIDS

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If you have a caring and competent doctor or nurse in your life, you might want to reach out and let them know they are appreciated. Thankfully, the vast majority of medical care is great. But, when a situation occurs where a patient is truly a victim of medical negligence, the damage they can do […]

Are Disability Rights in Jeopardy?

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It seems like any decent person would want to support efforts to make life a little easier for people with disabilities. Unfortunately, this isn’t necessarily the case. While recent events are raising a lot of concerns, advocates have been raising hell. In February of this year, you may have heard of ten disability rights activists […]

Too Old to Work Here: Support Against Ageism


Everyone gets older, and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Still, the chance of someone over 40 years old to experience age discrimination in the workplace is over 50%, according to AARP. The truth is, this can happen in almost any field.  Also, the discrimination is particularly tragic for many individuals that have […]

5 Things You Need to Know About Divorce

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A small percentage of marriages end easily and cleanly with little argument from either side. Most divorces require a bit of push and pull before reaching a settlement. Here is some basic information that can help you to get the best possible outcome once the divorce process is all said and done. Honestly, there really […]

Justice Department Supports Ending DACA

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DACA is facing a serious threat. Many people are unaware of the fact that there was a Texas-led lawsuit against the current administration on May 1 to end the program. The five other states that joined in support were Alabama, Arkansas, Nebraska, South Carolina, and West Virginia. Their claim was presented by Texas Attorney General […]