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EPA Opts to Discontinue Examining Deadly Asbestos in Older Buildings

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Our president and his nominee, Scott Pruitt, head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), may have made a decision that could negatively impact the health and lives of everyone in America. The issue, in this case, is asbestos. Keep in mind that opposition to dangerous asbestos is nonpartisan, and so is the extensive research that […]

Medical Malpractice Case Confirms Numerous Patients Were Unnecessarily Prescribed Dangerous Medication

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Recently, a story broke in Detroit, Michigan about a group of individuals that exploited patients in order to conduct a $200 million scheme under a facade of authentic medical care. Needless to say, much suffering and heartache was caused by this deception, particularly since medical malpractice was committed, and patients were prescribed unnecessary harmful and […]

Word Battle Over Bankruptcy Dischargeable Debt Settled by Supreme Court

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Times are hard for many people in America when it comes to financial burdens, and for some people, the answer is to file for bankruptcy and release any dischargeable debt. Every debtor needs to understand that the whole point of the Bankruptcy Code is to help “honest but unfortunate debtors” get back on their feet. […]

From Foster Child to Adopted Child: How Does It Work?

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There are many troubling reasons why children must enter the foster care system, and although some children are able to return to improved conditions with their families, many children are placed with foster parents. More than half of these children will be placed at least three times, but this count can reach alarming levels. Many […]

Parents With Teens Beware: 100 Deadliest Days

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School is almost out, and teenagers are eager to enjoy more freedom and have fun with their friends. Plans are being made for road trips, drives to the beach or the lake, camping trips, music festivals, and other adventures. Some teenagers eager to claim independence are planning to drive back and forth among friends and […]

Why Would Someone Contest a Will?

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The death of a loved one often leaves friends and relatives in a state of uncertainty, especially once the time comes to make sense of everything that is left behind. Everything that was built up and saved by the deceased during their lifetime must now be dismantled, dispersed, and resolved among the living. Did they […]

Supreme Court Approves Employers Limiting Workers’ Rights

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Despite what many may think, the battle over workers’ rights is still alive and well. Many workers are unaware that they have already signed an employee agreement that required them to revoke certain rights. Recently, the majority ruling of the Supreme court supported the employer’s decision to include limitations on employees regarding disputes and collaboration […]

Forced Arbitration Threatens Millions of American Workers

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More and more employers have been sneaking certain stipulations into employment contracts, and some of them actually require employees to give up certain rights. Even more unsettling is the latest majority ruling of the United States Supreme Court to support the employer over the employee in this case, even if the employee unknowingly succumbed to […]

NFL New Conduct Policy Impacts Players’ Political Rights

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Employment by the NFL and sports in general is unique because a political ceremony is generally held at the beginning of every game. In these instances, there is a requirement for appropriate employee behavior and political expression, two things that often don’t mix in the workplace. This has not been an issue for many years, […]

Fundamental Workers’ Rights Threatened by New Supreme Court Ruling

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Perhaps you have heard by now that the majority rule of the Supreme court was to support employers over employees in the latest case regarding arbitration and banding together of employees against their employer. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this is no big deal. The truth is that many experts are concerned about the […]

Legal Options for Victims of School Shootings

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School should be one of the safest places in the community. Instead, school shootings are a tragic reality, and the deaths, injuries, and repercussions are a serious problem in our country today. More and more, individuals are seeking justice against the assailant and any individuals or entities that ultimately caused or contributed towards the crime. […]

Blatant Discrimination Against Alternative Gender Expression in Texas

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The right of all American citizens to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” is fine and dandy for some fellow Americans until a person’s pursuit leads them to challenge gender roles or sexual orientation in any way.  Recently in Texas, a 21-year-old man, Bobby Rodriguez, experienced discrimination when he was prevented from entering a […]

Uber Sexual Assault Concerns; Legal Options For Survivors

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A few weeks ago, CNN revealed the results of an investigation into physical and sexual assault involving Uber drivers. They were shocked to learn that over the past four years, at least 130 drivers have had serious (sometimes even sadistic) allegations made against them for assaulting passengers. Thankfully, many have been brought to justice, but […]

Thanks for Paying My Student Loans, I Want a Divorce

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Sometimes great sacrifices are made in the name of love, but as some relationships grow apart and divorce comes into the picture, things that were once lovingly offered can transform into incredibly painful obligations and losses. Chances are that you might have made some of those great sacrifices for love. One thing that ends up […]

Offshore Drilling Accidents and Workers’ Compensation

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Life in offshore oil drilling has a fatality rate that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports to be seven times higher than other U.S. jobs. Unfortunately, it is apparent that the oil company’s main focus is on getting the oil out of the ground at any cost, including the cost of human and […]

New Jersey’s New Sick Leave Laws: Happier, Healthier, Better Workers

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On May 2, 2018, Governor Phil Murphy and the New Jersey State Senate made New Jersey the tenth state in America to establish paid sick leave legislation, and the truth is that it really seems to have heart. The other states that have done this so far include California, Washington, Washington, DC, and other New […]

Medical Malpractice: The Third Leading Cause of Death in America

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Unfortunately, when hospitals and doctors make poor and negligent decisions, patients are left with no choice but to endure the consequences. Ana Pereira is a woman who endured medical malpractice seven years ago when she went to Monmouth Medical Center in New Jersey, a hospital that currently has three out of five stars on Yelp. […]

Why Was My U.S. Visa Denied?

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Why Was My U.S. Visa Denied?   Consular officers aren’t required to properly explain why you are refused, and they aren’t even required to tell you what you can do about it. The truth is that they are pretty much the only ones with the authority to shut you down unless you are able to […]