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Facebook Live: Attorney-Client Privilege for Cohen and Trump


In this™ Facebook Live interview, attorney Tom Metier was interviewed about the search warrant issued for President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen. Metier explained that this was extremely unprecedented. He answered commonly asked questions about attorney-client privilege regarding this search. He also addressed the following questions: Has a president’s attorney ever been the […]

Mandatory Arbitration Clause Affects Truckers

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The limiting effect of a mandatory arbitration clause (also called a forced arbitration clause) should not be downplayed for the sake of employment. These clauses bind the employee from the ability to exercise their workers’ rights, such as the right to fair wages and to be free from discrimination. It is a growing problem all […]

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How to Make Sure Your Website Conforms Legally

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Creating your own website, whether for personal or professional use, is exciting. You have established a foothold on the worldwide web, which can enable you to take your personal or professional brand to the next level and reach new followers and/or consumers. However, what can become lost in all the excitement is legal aspects of […]

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Should I Get an Attorney or Contact the Labor Board?

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Recently, the United Nurses and Allied Professionals (UNAP) and Rhode Island Hospital filed unfair labor practice claims against each other, according to the Providence Journal. Rhode Island Hospital is claiming that UNAP acted in bad faith during contract negotiations between the parties. UNAP claims that Rhode Island Hospital violated their collective bargaining agreement when it […]

For the Love of Pets, How Does Pet Custody Work?

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Our bond with animals can run very deep to the point of kinship, and it is felt by the humans as well as the animals involved. Dogs tend to think of the family as their own special pack, just like a pack of dogs. Cats often feel the same, too. Our furry family members seem […]

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What Are the Basics of Small Claims Court?

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Whether you are filing a claim against someone or you are being sued, for most people, it is a new experience. When you do not have experience with something, you tend to make mistakes that those who have been there before would easily avoid. One legal venue that regular joes and janes are likely to […]

More Time to Prosecute Child Sexual Abuse Approved by Pennsylvania House

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Does child sexual abuse become less of a punishable crime as time passes? Should there be a statute of limitations to put time limits on when the victim can file charges? Pennsylvania State Rep. Mark Rozzi put this another way when he said, “Do you stand with victims, or do you stand with pedophiles of […]

What Is a Deposition?

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A deposition is an oral statement under oath outside of a courtroom One of the most common ways for a lawyer to gather facts before a trial is a deposition, which involves a witness giving an oral statement under oath outside of the courtroom. The purpose of a deposition is to help the lawyer prepare […]

Legal Terms Every Small Business Owner Should Know

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As a small business owner, you have a million things on your plate. Therefore, prioritizing what’s most important can be one of your biggest challenges. Many entrepeneurs fail to fully grasp the legal aspects of their community. When legal issues arise, entrepreneurs will rue the day they failed to take business law as seriously as they […]

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What You Need to Know About Homeowners Associations

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Homeowners associations are the source of far more controversy than many people realize. According to the Indianapolis Business Journal, some homeowners associations in Indiana have begun banning the use of homes in their neighborhoods for short-term rentals, because they believe that renting out homes for less than 30 days brings down property values in the […]

Links Between Talcum Powder and Cancer

Is Talcum Powder Related to Ovarian Cancer?

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Yes, a court showed it believed that it does and awarded 22 women with ovarian cancer $4 billion in punitive damages. Is talcum powder related to ovarian cancer? In July 2018, the court showed it believed that it does and awarded 22 women with ovarian cancer in a multiple plaintiff mass tort lawsuit against Johnson & […]

What Rights Do Children with Disabilities Have at School?

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News stories involving the treatment of children with disabilities at school are common. Recently, a child with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy had to miss school for three days because his federally mandated classroom aide was out sick and there was no one qualified and available to replace the aide, according to the Reno Gazette Journal. In […]

What To Do When Someone Dies Without a Will

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When someone dies, emotions can run high when assets and debts of the deceased must be dealt with. A will can help ease this process, but when the deceased is without a will, survivors of the deceased will have to work with a probate court. Here is an overview of the process and important terms […]

How Do Renters’ Legal Rights Work?

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As a renter, many of us do not think about our legal rights until something goes wrong. Take for example a tenant law in Washington DC that was recently revised. According to The Washington Post, the Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act (TOPA), which has been a law in DC for around 30 years, was revised […]

Divorce Is A Pain In The Assets

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Divorce is hard enough, and dividing assets doesn’t offer much in the way of relief. And although Carrie Underwood fans might get satisfaction out of trashing their ex’s car, the headache of the following highly-likely legal battle will probably have her paying him back for damages. (And by the way, carving your name “into his […]

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An Introduction to Small Business Bankruptcy

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Starting your own business is a very courageous and often complex endeavor. But there are many reasons for why at least half of the small businesses in America might find themselves in financial trouble. If you have already tried calling your primary lender and looked thoroughly into the different types of debt consolidation loans, then […]

Quick Bankruptcy Guide: Safe Harbor Provisions

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Earlier this year, the Supreme Court supported the tightening of restrictions regarding the safe harbor provision. What does this mean? Who does it affect? Also, why does this matter? Let’s look into this a little deeper to help shed some light on this financial option and how it relates to businesses dealing with bankruptcy and […]

5 Legal Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting A Business

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Starting a business is an exciting yet stressful venture that often leaves you with more questions than answers. In order to make your transition to a small business owner more seamless, here are five questions you should ask a lawyer to get their insight regarding how to start a business. What Type of Business Should […]