Work injury law articles include information about workers’ compensation, third party claims and more.

Liable Parties in a Forklift Accident

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If a forklift is not properly designed, manufactured, maintained, or operated by someone who has received quality training with forklifts, serious injuries can occur. Forklifts are used in a variety of settings, including construction sites, warehouses, docks, and more. Each of these settings presents their own inherent complications that forklift operators and the workers in […]

What Do I Do If a Work Injury Has Left Me Permanently Disabled?

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Many work injuries are minor, quickly treatable and result in full recoveries. But even if you work a generally “safe” job, like working in an office, there is still potential to suffer permanent injuries that lead to significant disability and reduced capacity for work. Fortunately, the workers’ compensation system is built to help even those […]

New Mexico Worker Dies in On-the-Job Electrical Accident

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After replacing fluorescent light fixtures with LED options, an accident caused severe and deadly burn injuries for a 28-year-old worker at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center. The question remains: did the company do everything it was supposed to do to ensure the safety of their employee? Why Did This Electrocution Accident Occur? The incident occurred […]

When is a Vessel “Unseaworthy?”

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In maritime law, it’s important to understand that if you’re serving in the military or in some other fashion that involves a “vessel”—such as a boat, ship, barge, or even an oil rig or platform—that vessel may be considered “unseaworthy.” However, What Exactly Is an “Unseaworthy” Vessel? When a vessel suffers from certain conditions that […]

Texans: What to Do If Your Employer Doesn’t Have Workers’ Comp

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It’s a fact that most companies are actually required to carry workers’ comp insurance, but the laws are different in Texas. Many companies do NOT provider workers’ compensation to their employees. So what happens if you’re injured on the job and your employer is a non-subscriber? Are you out of luck? Not at all. Here’s […]

How to Prove “Pain and Suffering” in Your Claim

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It is common to hear the term “pain and suffering” in personal injury cases, and many people seek to include it with their compensation for medical costs. Unfortunately, “pain and suffering” has come to be associated with exaggerated claims, and some individuals tend to roll their eyes and minimize actual struggles that warrant the claims. […]

Treated Poorly By Your Insurance? You Need a Bad Faith Insurance Lawyer

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We purchase insurance to protect ourselves in case we get hurt or if our property becomes damaged. Is your insurance company really looking out for your best interest? If you believe they aren’t being fair to you and actually just looking for reasons to shortchange you, that means you may be dealing with an insurance […]

Substandards for Overworked Oil Workers Are Common in the Industry

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The oil industry is booming in Texas, according to the Houston Chronicle. It’s even projected to beat the record of 1.26 billion barrels, which has been the highest on record since 1972 in the national record. Regardless, the amount of overworked oil workers is staggering. In fact, the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers reports that […]

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Is Florida Deporting Undocumented Immigrants Who File Workers Comp?

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Generally, all injured workers whose employer has workers’ compensation or is required by the state to have workers’ comp insurance have the right to file a claim after being hurt on the job. All states allow this, as the states know that whether they like it or not, undocumented immigrants are an important part of […]

Do You Need a Lawyer for a Workers’ Comp Claim in Louisiana?

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While you do not need a lawyer to make a workers’ comp claim, it is always a good idea to at least speak to an attorney to obtain some legal advice about your claim. If you suffered a serious injury where you may be permanently disabled, of if a family member died in a work […]

Who Is Responsible for Workplace Safety Other Than Management?

More than 100,000 workers are seriously injured by falls every year. Falls are the leading cause of death in the construction industry, so the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is vigilant for signs of fall safety violations. Workers can be seriously injured falling through incomplete roofs or open skylights. Additionally, equipment can fall […]

Why Does Texas Give Employers the Option to Provide Workers’ Comp?


The Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) says that the first workers’ compensation laws in Texas came in 1913. At the time, the legislators believed that employers should have the freedom to decide if they want to provide workers’ comp to their employees. They feared that government run programs would limit the property rights of an […]

Are Workers Safe Around Mechanical Power Presses?

A mechanical power press cuts and shapes large metal pieces for the automotive industry, but the machine’s size, power and speed can put workers at risk. Every year, thousands of workers suffer amputations, crush injuries, and lacerations from mechanical power presses. After an inspection by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Metal & […]

Why do Hotel Workers Sustain More Injuries?

According to a report by Hotel Workers Rising (HWR), “hotel workers are 48 percent more likely to be injured on the job than the typical worker in the service sector.” Additionally, hotel workers face higher rates of serious injuries than any other service sector employees do. A study conducted by the University of California at […]

Paint Creek Fire District Rewarded for Safety Excellence

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The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) presented the Paint Creek EMS/Fire District with a Safety Intervention Grant, in recognition of their outstanding workplace safety procedures. Safety Intervention Grants are considered an investment in future workplace safety. The BWC helps companies identify successful policies, awarding the grants to businesses who have already shown a consistent […]

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$7.25 Million Awarded to Mesothelioma Victim in Asbestos Suit


According to the Washington Examiner, on March 13, the family of a man who died of mesothelioma was awarded $7.25 million by a Philadelphia County jury. After being diagnosed with mesothelioma in January 2010, the man alleged that while working on Navy ships at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard from 1965 to 1970 he was exposed […]

Photo of mesothelioma X-ray

Lung Irritation Could Be Chronic Silicosis


If you work at a construction site, shortness of breath, respiratory irritation and fatigue can all be signs of a serious lung condition called chronic silicosis. Chronic silicosis is a disease that develops over time as a person breathes in microscopic bits of crystalline silica, a component in all sand and stone. Construction workers are […]

Do You Work an a Hospital? Statistics Show Injuries Increasing Among Hospital Workers


More so than construction and manufacturing, hospitals are one of the most dangerous places to work in terms of employee accidents. Most hospital injuries result from repeatedly lifting and repositioning limited mobility patients, exposure to contagious patients and interactions with violent patients. In addition, a culture of “patient first” pervades hospitals. While it is a […]