What to Do if You Were Arrested for DUI With a Kid in the Car

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If you are arrested for driving under the influence with a minor or child under the age of 15 in the vehicle, not only might you face normal DUI penalties, but you may also be charged with child endangerment and it could even result in loss of custody of the child. While loss of custody […]

Can I Change My Child Custody Arrangement?

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Attorney Chaim Steinberger | 888-981-0039 | Call Today for Consult If you want to change your child custody arrangement, there’s one important thing to consider: it needs to be in the child’s best interest. If not, the court will not consider it. Chaim Steinberger is a family law attorney with Chaim Steinberger, P.C, based in […]

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Tax Deductions for Alimony and Child Support

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What’s the difference between tax deductions for alimony and child support? One would think there isn’t one, given that both alimony and child support go to the same party. Tax deductions, however, are a different story. If confused, always consult an attorney on the matter, because if you’re in the situation where you’re paying alimony […]

Facebook Live: Bird Nesting in Child Custody Cases

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Maybe you’ve heard about the concept of birdnesting, either from stories about celebrity couples or the premise of a recent sitcom. But what exactly is birdnesting? What are the pros and cons? Is it a reasonable child custody solution for divorcing couples? Family law attorney Kimberly Busch explains all the ins and outs of birdnesting, […]

For the Love of Pets, How Does Pet Custody Work?

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Our bond with animals can run very deep to the point of kinship, and it is felt by the humans as well as the animals involved. Dogs tend to think of the family as their own special pack, just like a pack of dogs. Cats often feel the same, too. Our furry family members seem […]

From Foster Child to Adopted Child: How Does It Work?

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There are many troubling reasons why children must enter the foster care system, and although some children are able to return to improved conditions with their families, many children are placed with foster parents. More than half of these children will be placed at least three times, but this count can reach alarming levels. Many […]

Basics for Entering the World of Homeschooling

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Homeschooling for children age 5 to 17 has been around since the 70s, but it is an option that more and more parents are considering in the wake of school shootings, growing concerns about the quality of public education, and the generally aggressive nature of popular culture and its pervasiveness in the public and even […]

Child Custody Laws

Understanding Child Custody Laws If you are in the midst of a child custody case, or even if you have just been granted custody of a child, there are important entitlements and rights you should consider. First and foremost, a child custody grant is never conclusive. It can always change. With this in mind, you […]

Recent Tax Bill Affects Alimony Starting January 2019

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If you haven’t heard by now, the new tax bill reaches far and wide to affect individual’s in all kinds of difficult situations—and that includes divorcing couples and the children involved. On Jan. 1, 2019, Trump’s rushed tax code to overturn tax deductions on alimony will go into effect. Lawyers are already seeing a rise […]

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Pennsylvania Adoption Law Now Allows Adoptees Rights to Their Birth Certificates

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Until now, adoptees over 18 couldn’t apply for their birth records because their adoption records were sealed. Folks that have not been adopted have always had this ability, but sadly, it was not so easy for those that were released by their birth parents. For 33 years, adoptees have been required to petition the courts […]

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How Do You Calculate Colorado Child Support?

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In every Colorado divorce or paternity case involving children, the Colorado family law court steps in to determine whether one parent owes the other child support to assist in the financial expenses associated with child-rearing. Between themselves, separated parents must divide all the expenses of their children in proportion to their respective incomes and personal […]

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Illinois Revamps Child Support Calculations

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New child support calculations will be implemented on July 1, 2017. Prior to this overhaul of the calculations, child support was generally determined based upon the payor’s income and number of children. For example, a person who was obligated to pay child support (generally the non-custodial parent) had to pay 20% of his or her […]