Case Story: Divers Injured by Propeller Receives $12 Million

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After a pair of father and son divers were injured by a propeller during a diving expedition, John H. “Jack” Hickey helped the pair recover $12 million in compensation.

In this case, he successfully argued that this was a maritime law case since the accident involved a boat. Normally, diving accidents are not considered maritime law cases.

Even though both parties signed a liability waiver, attorney Jack Hickey still helped them seek justice.

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Video Transcript:

This was an incident where a dive boat in the Keys actually was offloading divers into the water but the boat was not anchored. This is about a 50 foot boat. It was doing what’s called a drift dive. The boat was actually drifting around with the divers as they moved over various reefs.

The problem was that the captain of the boat wanted to maneuver after the divers were in the water. So he backed up the boat, he put the engines, the two engines were the big 24 inch diameter props, he put them in reverse and he sucked into the vortex of the two props two of the divers. One being a 41-year-old man and the other being his 11-year-old son. The son suffered right sided paralysis of his right arm, right leg, part of his right mouth. Speech was affected. And so it’s really was a life-altering kind of injury. All the divers signed these releases. If it’s a boating accident, maritime law applies. If it’s a diving accident, maritime law does not apply. Florida law would apply and the dive center would have gotten off scot free. We showed that this was in fact a boating accident involving the boat. The diving was incidental to it. And in fact the maritime doctrine it if you violate a law, rule, or regulation, it’s going to make invalid that release. And we were successful at that. And so the case quickly became went from a $1 million case to a $12 million case with that ruling.

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