Can a Hit to the Jaw Cause a Brain Injury?

Picture of a brain scan

A hit to the jaw can definitely cause a brain injury. says that a hit to the jaw can “move the skull with enough force that the brain ‘bounces’ off the walls inside the skull.”

When the brain impacts the interior walls of the skull, the surface of it can become injured. Another way a brain injury can occur from a hit to the jaw is through the “pushing and pulling” of the long nerves inside the brain that are connected to the lower jaw, reported.

In fact, hits to the jaw cause 90 percent of concussions in athletes, according to Hits to the chin deliver the greatest transfer of energy from the lower jaw to the base of the skull because it “acts as a lever,” according to the website.

For sports that require the use of a helmet and chinstrap, a player can actually increase his or her odds of receiving a concussion. When a helmet is struck, the transfer of energy is carried through the chinstrap to the jaw.

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