Can A Brain Injury Cause Amnesia?


Despite the fact that Su Meck is twice the age of her classmates at Smith College, she fits in with them quite naturally. After a traumatic brain injury wiped her memory, she started her life from scratch 24 years ago, approximately the time when most of her college student peers were born. Following the accident she only had a vocabulary of 50 words, which made parenting her two children and nurturing her marriage difficult. Imagine the difficulty of raising children lacking a memory of your own childhood. Furthermore, at the time of the accident, traumatic brain injuries were not well understood, so doctors assumed that she had invented her own amnesia.

In the years since the accident, Meck has found a way to live a comfortable life, returned to school, had another child and written a memoir about her experiences. This is a remarkable achievement considering all the difficulties that brain injury survivors face, such as losing all childhood recollections and feeling alienated by her own family.

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