Baby Powder Causes Cancer? Philadelphia Attorney Explains

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In a record $4.69 billion verdict, a Missouri jury ruled that the harmful materials found in Johnson & Johnson products caused the ovarian cancer of 22 women who used the products for several years. Johnson & Johnson denies responsibility, but internal documents recovered during the case suggests the company knew exactly how dangerous these products were.

Nancy Winkler, an injury attorney based in Philadelphia, is currently representing victims of Johnson & Johnson’s alleged negligence. Learn more about the case in this video.

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The legal woes for Johnson & Johnson are piling up, and it doesn’t look like they’re going to get better anytime soon. In the latest news, a jury in St. Louis has ordered J&J to pay $4.69 billion in damages to 22 women who say their ovarian cancer is a result of years of using Johnson & Johnson talc-based products. In the suit, the women claimed J&J was aware that their baby powder and other talc-based products contained asbestos but did nothing about it.

Johnson & Johnson denies their products ever contained asbestos, and are in the midst of fighting approximately 9,000 talc-related cases.

Philadelphia-based attorney Nancy Winkler of Eisenberg Rothweiler says:

“For years, women all over the country have used Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder or Shower to Shower for feminine hygiene on their genital area because they thought it was pure, pure enough for a baby. What they didn’t know was that the powder contained talc and asbestos, which had been found to cause ovarian cancer. Documents uncovered in these cases show that Johnson & Johnson and their talc supplier have known for many years that the talc and asbestos could cause ovarian cancer in women, yet, astoundingly, they have done nothing about it.

In the Missouri case, the jury awarded the plaintiffs more than half a billion dollars in compensatory damages and more than $4 billion in punitive damages. Johnson & Johnson will appeal the verdict.

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