Attorney Interview: Insurance Bad Faith

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We put a lot of trust into insurance companies that they will do the right thing and abide by the law and their policies. Unfortunately, many of them abuse this trust and deny coverage unfairly. That’s when you need to get a lawyer involved to make sure you get everything you’re entitled to.

Stephen Nagle is an injury attorney in Austin with many years of experience dealing with insurance bad faith. In this video, he explains how to spot the signals that you should call a lawyer to help you deal with the insurance company.

Topics covered in this video include:

  • What does it mean when someone specializes in personal injury?
  • Do you always need a lawyer when you’re dealing with an insurance claim?
  • How do you know if you need a lawyer?
  • What type of insurance claims require a lawyer?
  • What does “insurance bad faith” mean? What are some examples?
  • When does it cross the line into bad faith?
  • What federal laws protect people against insurance bad faith?
  • Why do we have laws to protect against bad faith?
  • What are some examples of cases you’ve handled that involve insurance bad faith?
  • When is the right time to get a lawyer involved with an insurance company dispute?
  • What type of lawyer should you contact?
  • Is it more expensive to hire a lawyer who is a specialist?

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