Attorney Interview: All About Product Liability Law

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What happens when you get injured by a product you expect to be safe – like a dresser, cell phone, or dryer set?

You call a lawyer experienced in product liability law.

Stewart Eisenberg is one such attorney. In this video, he explains all the options available if you are injured by a product.

To learn more about your options for seeking justice as a victim of a dangerous product, contact him now by calling 888-644-4288.

Topics covered in this interview:

  • What is product liability?
  • How do you determine who is responsible for a defective product injury?
  • What’s the difference between being injured by a “safe” product like a cell phone and a “dangerous” product like a gun or a knife?
  • Can companies avoid liability by adding a warning tag or sticker to a product?
  • What are some examples of product liability lawsuits?
  • What if the consumer uses the product incorrectly and injury results?
  • How common are kid’s toy recalls?
  • Is a company still liable if it puts an age warning on toys? (“Suitable for ages 12 and up”)
  • Do the same laws apply you buy the product second-hand (at a yard sale, for example) and don’t see any of the warnings included in the original packaging?
  • What if you buy something and you’re not sure who made it? (i.e. something purchased on Amazon or eBay)