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Real estate law is a complex field of law that covers all transactional aspects of private, public, and commercial property. It also intersects with many other fields of law, including estate planning, bankruptcy, and general tort law.

Some area of real estate law where it may be helpful to involve a lawyer include the following:

  • Buying a house
  • Selling a house
  • Home defects
  • Landlord/tenant relationships
  • Foreclosure

Buying, selling, or managing a piece of property can be subject to a variety of complex rules which may vary from state to state. Involving a real estate lawyer from the start can help save valuable time and even money over the course of a real estate transaction.

Video Transcript:

Buying a piece of property is a tremendous investment and an array of legal issues comes into effect when buying or selling real estate, even issues involving the management of a piece of property may be subject to many different laws. Individuals and businesses seeking to make any type of real estate transaction or manage a piece of real estate should consult with a lawyer who understands the specifics of real estate law.

Real estate law is a broad subject and some aspects can overlap into other legal areas, such as estate planning or bankruptcy law and general tort law. Some of the services real estate lawyers can offer include buying a house, selling a house, home defects, the landlord or tenant relationship, and foreclosure. Many different lawyers may be able to assist you with your real estate issues. With a little research, you can retain a lawyer who thoroughly understands your problems and can find the right resolution.

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