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Education law includes anti-discrimination practices and ensuring children with special needs are given the assistance they need. It covers a wide range of other issues that include:

  • The administration of the public school system
  • Curriculum standards
  • Federal and state education rules and guidelines
  • Students’ constitutional rights
  • Testing procedures
  • Financial aid
  • Special education
  • Title IX regulations and disputes
  • Education reform

This is a complex field of law since federal and state education guidelines are constantly shifting. To learn more, speak with an experienced education law attorney to be sure you are fully aware of your legal rights.

Video Transcript:

Education law concerns the collection of laws and rules that govern the operation of education systems in the United States. Education law also concerns the principles and government policymaking in the realm of education. Education as a government function is administered through the public school system by the Department of Education. States, however, have primary responsibility for the maintenance and operation of public schools.

Some of the issues that arise under education law can include Title IX, discrimination, special ed and education reform. Education law covers all issues pertaining to schools and public education, the governance and liability, curriculum standards, testing procedures, school finance, student financial aid, constitutional rights and school safety.

It's important to discuss questions pertaining to education law with a lawyer. Education law can be a very confusing and stressful field to navigate, which is understandable as questions regarding education law usually deal with a family member.

It's important to find an attorney to help you understand your rights in education law.

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