Photo of a doctor that made a mistakeWhen you go to a doctor with an ailment or injury, you expect that doctor to diagnose and alleviate the problem as best as he or she can. However, doctor errors often result in injuries and death. These errors often include making mistakes with prescriptions, hospital blunders, or general medical miscalculations. Though doctors are only human and do make mistakes, if they neglect their patients or fail to meet the standard of a patient’s care, the doctor must be held accountable.

Doctor errors are most commonly caused by carelessness, illegible handwriting, which can lead to prescription errors, failing to listen to patient complaints, drug or alcohol intoxication, failing to run the proper tests, or misinterpreting test results.

If you were injured by doctor’s mistake or if a loved one was killed by doctor malpractice, you need a personal injury attorney that understands the emotional and physical toll that these errors can take. The attorney should be aggressive in seeking the compensation that you deserve.