Photo of a burning accidentBurns, even minor first degree burns, can be very painful. The burn causes damage to a person’s skin, tissues, and nerves. Of the over two million people who are burned each year in America, 300,000 are serious injuries 6,000 burns result in fatalities.

The most common types of burns are chemical burns, often caused by acids, electrical burns, caused by contact with an electrical current, and thermal burns, resulting from house fires, car accidents, heaters, and electrical failures. Thermal burns are the most common type of burn.

First degree burns are the most minor and can include sunburns. Second degree burns damage several skin lawyers and may require skin grafts. Third degree burns are the most serious and usually destroy nerves, which may require surgery, grafts, or transplants.

If you were injured by a burn or if a loved one was killed by a burn, you need a personal injury attorney that understands the emotional and physical toll that this accident can take. The attorney should be aggressive in seeking the compensation that you deserve.