Should You Be Able to Request a Healthcare Provider’s Adverse Medical Incidents?

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As a patient, it is important to understand that you are entitled to know about your healthcare providers’ adverse medical incidents. This issue was discussed by the Florida Supreme Court in Ampuero-Martinez, etc., v. Cedars Healthcare Group, etc., et al., Nos. SC11-2208, SC11-2336 (Fla. January 30, 2014).

The victim’s daughter initiated a wrongful death suit, on behalf of her father, after he died while a patient at a facility operated by the healthcare provider. After the daughter initiated the suit, she sought records of other adverse medical incidents that the facility had on file, but was rebuffed by the facility when they refused to turn over documents to her.

The Florida Supreme Court looked at the Constitution of Florida in deciding that she the daughter did have a right to the medical records as she was representing her deceased father in a wrongful death suit. The same would apply for someone seeking their own records, guardians of individuals, and parents.


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