Personal injury law articles include how negligence causes foreseeable injuries, such as car and truck accidents.

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Illinois Strikes Time Limits to Criminally Prosecute Sexual Abuse of Minors

In August 2017, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner signed into the law SB 189, an amendment to the criminal code regarding sexual abuse of minors. The new law allows for prosecution of sexual abuse of children at any time, basically completely eradicating…
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What are Consumer Protection Laws?

Consumer protection laws are federal and state statutes that regulate seller and lender practices concerning consumer goods. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) are federal agencies that handle product…
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What Traffic Law Violations Cause Wrecks?

Vehicle safety regulations exist largely to minimize the number of auto accidents and improve the efficiency at which traffic moves. Disobeying a traffic law can often put other vehicle occupants and pedestrians at risk for injury in a traffic…
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Were You Hurt in a Traffic Accident?

Traffic accidents happen regularly, and they often result in significant damage and injuries. In most states, the person at fault for a traffic accident is the one found negligent, and that person or the insurance company (who is not a party…
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Is Testosterone Therapy Safe for My Heart?

As men grow older, hormone fluctuations could cause fatigue, lower libido, depression and other symptoms. Despite documented health risks, aggressive marketing campaigns have encouraged the notion that testosterone replacement therapy (TRT)…
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Are Women and Young People the Future of Cycling?

Cities nationwide are using cycling to attract young people and active commuters to their area. The “millennial generation”, ranging from ages 18-35, is more open to alternative transportation than other age groups. Cities are hoping that…
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Why Are Women Safer Drivers than Men?

San Diego women drive more safely than men, according to data released by San Diego County. From 2000 to 2009, men died in car accidents three times more often than women did. The driver who survived the crash was four times more likely to…
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Do Motorcyclists Need Formal Training?

ABATE of Colorado, a motorcycle rights organization, is currently adding more motorcycle classes for beginning and experienced riders seeking their motorcycle endorsement. Beginner classes are scheduled for the weekends of August 16, August…
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Do Specialty Hospitals Make a Difference for Spinal Cord Injury?

Recovering from a spinal cord injury (SCI) can require extensive medical treatment and physical rehabilitation. SCI patients are extremely vulnerable to pneumonia, pulmonary edema and respiratory failure because spinal injuries may weaken respiratory…
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Paralyzed Patients Walk Again with Help from 'Bionic' Suit

After an ATV accident, a 26-year-old man was left with a severed spinal cord. Surgeons assumed he would never walk again. A special ‘bionic’ suit, however, is changing the game; he can now push his hips and legs forward using a motorized…